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ENVIGEA Ltd. has been founded in 1995 in order to ensure for clients from industry, state administration, and agriculture and also for municipalities advisory services in the field of ecology and environmental laws. Later on, ENVIGEA staff has begun extending services step by step so as propose predominantly for industry complex portfolio of consultancy and particular assistance.

We are presenting the list of most required types of assistance:

Environmental impact assessment (EIA). According to the Czech law, EIA documentation may prepare qualified persons that hold certificate from the Ministry of Environment. The same applies for reviewing of the documentation. The firm has qualified staff to prepare both documentation, and review.

Opinions for the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic. The State Environmental Fund requires attaching to the application for funding an independent opinion of qualified experts. ENVIGEA staff is competent to compile data and prepare independent review according to Fund's requirements.
Risk analyses and environmental audits. These items are required by the state administration before privatization of state property. Besides both risk analysis and environmental audit is required by industry, by farmers. Municipalities, the Czech inspection and district offices also require assessment of sites..
Assistance in preparation building permits and operation approval. Any activity in European countries is preceded by administrative procedures - obtaining various permissions, licenses, etc. The same applies for the Czech Republic. ENVIGEA assist in gaining permissions and in the preparatory stage of investment. The introductory stage often involve feasibility studies of investment projects aimed at environmental issues.
Planning, evaluation, and surveying of in geology. The ENVIGEA staff is eligible for professional work in geology. Evaluation of ore and industrial mineral deposits, preparation of hydrogeological studies, preparation geological documentation, data capture and groundwork necessary for building design as checking up geological conditions under foundation..
Consultation during implementation of environmental system management (EMS/EMAS). These advisory services are not offered independently but in cooperation with a world famous consulting firm..
Specialized studies and mathematical modelling. ENVIGEA has experienced staff I nmathematical modeling of technological and natural processes, e.g. modeling of contaminant dissemination in air and soils, acoustic studies.
Assessment of industrial risks and their elimination. The assessment involves variouss analyses, accident prevention preparation of safety programs and preparation of the respective documentation. The imgredient may be also information released for public.
Safety and health protection in industry. Safety and health protection are an important responsibility of employer to workers. ENVIGEA helps clients to cope hazards and requirements of regulations.
Design and implementation measures eliminating of erosion effects (grass and special textile mats).